Classic Traveler

At this moment we are traveling with our 1897 barge on the river Vecht. From the mast, 15 meters high, we make overviews of the Vecht. These images, together with our portraits of craftsmen and residents along the river Vecht, show that this river is much more diverse than many people think.

With Classic Traveler we want to make visible how much love craftsmen put into their products. We aim to sell our overviews and a number of beautiful, natural products made by these craftsmen through our own webshop. Since we believe that the stories behind the products are essential, we will start crowdfunding a series of journalistic productions about these residents of the Vecht area in September 2014.

We will launch our website in the beginning of October. This spectacular website offers you an opportunity to fly over the river Vecht. Will you join us? Keep an eye on our Facebook updates. ( To be continued…

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